Friday, January 31, 2014

Hope and Fear and Giveaways

‘Apekkha’, a Pali word meaning ‘hope’ and ‘bhaya’ is a Pali word for ‘fear’.  Both are ways of thinking that pull us away from being totally present in the moment.   Fear is a fixation on the likelihood of bad outcomes and hope is a fixation on the likelihood of good outcomes.  Neither can exist if the mind is focused on the present moment. 

Life may deliver some blows that seem to have us tumbling into a vortex where uncertainty thrives and threatens to overtake our minds. We begin to focus on  hope for something good to come or become fearful about how bad things are for us.

 But life asks us to be brave and embrace the moment, good or bad.   Life asks us to remain present and aware and have faith that there is no conspiracy against us. 

Life does not give you answers easily.  One has to dig for them.   Sometimes you need to dig in the mud and sometimes the answer lies on the surface waiting for you to reach for it.   And often we are not even sure of the questions we need to ask.

But, this I do know.  When you are low the best way to lift your spirits is to give something away.  So, for this reason, I am giving away three paintings.  All I ask is that you pay for shipping and the frame.    If you would like any of the following paintings, please send me a private message and I will let you know the framing costs and approximate shipping costs.   

The Birth Fields
mixed media on board with black frame
24" X 28.5"

Water Song
Cold wax and oil on board with black frame
14" X 14"

Blue Water
Cold wax and oil on canvas in black frame
24" X 24"


  1. yes, giving away can lift the also can lift the burden of having too much. I feel like I have too much and can not ask for any of these lovely paintings. I also need to give away. Sharon, I wish you lightness and laughter, gentle pleasures and sweet success.

  2. Thank you for your comment Maggie. You are so away truly does lift the spirits. If you are a prolific painter and have a large stock with no place to store it helps in that way too. But most of all, I like to make art affordable at times for those who would like to own but have not got enough money to spend the large amounts that galleries charge.